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World on Fire Graph Paper Composition Notebook Pdf Book

This composition notebook is open to your interpretation, featuring a sun or, more poetically, a world on fire. Perhaps you are going to [metaphorically, I hope] set the world on fire with your brilliant ideas, those contained within this book. Or, taking this in an opposite direction, maybe this is a subtle message to your teacher about what you’d like to do with your class notes and even the textbook while you’re at it. Maybe you’re a fan of the cosmos. Or Billy Joel. You could use this notebook to plan for the end of days as a result of a solar flare-induced EMP. The options are endless. If only you buy this notebook. The interior of this notebook is comprised of graph paper with 4 squares per inch, making it the perfect composition book for math class, engineering projects, doodling, or journaling.

World on Fire Graph Paper Composition Notebook | swift | 4.5