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Successful Organizations in Action Pdf Book

This book contains learning from the corporate experiences of over 15 professionals who have worked at CXO level in global organizations. The authors are alumni of IITs and IIMs of India with over 100 years corporate experience, having worked in Senior Management roles in top Indian and Multinational organizations. They interpolate their experiences and learnings along with that of a number of accomplished professionals with an enviable corporate success track record. The result is the collection of essential success strategies, tools and desirable traits for achieving organizational excellence in todays competitive world. A number of important issues and real life situations that are faced by the organizations, while growing their company from an idea to the desired position of being a perpetual living giant, have been discussed in lucid detail. It is important for professionals to know what to do, but also to understand the detrimental aspects of corporate behavior one should be conscious of and avoid like plague. This book is a valuable resource for those who are short of time to read a number of books but would like to stay in touch with the contemporary issues and strategies with a refreshing and insightful perspective. Some of the topics covered: Innovation, Value creation and Capturing Value Magnetism and the Art of Marketing Consumer & Customer centricity Importance of Engagement & Experience Management 3 Hook theory of Marketing Importance of Values, Mission, Vision, Culture Sustained Development & Ethical Approach Importance of Focus, Prioritization, Passion Strategic thinking and Execution excellence Leveraging Technology and many more.. While this book is not expected to be an exhaustive resource and an in-depth coverage of key issues facing todays organizations, this will surely provoke the thoughts of the readers in the direction of desirable and undesirable traits that cause successes and failures. This will surely add a new set of tools to your armour to go for excellence in your day-today corporate life.

Successful Organizations in Action | swift | 4.5