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Perspectives on the Mistreatment of American Educators Pdf Book

Pressured by a society searching for a simple solution to a complex problem, educators are constantly subjected to a double standard and their work and role marginalized as insignificant despite compelling evidence to the contrary. This enlightening discussion of the misperceptions about the profession offers a thoughtful perspective on the real work done by educators and examines some of the harm done by efforts to “fix” what is wrong. There is not a group of professionals in the work world who must bear as many demands, yet who are so often undervalued as educators. Norris calls attention to the sociological and physical factors that often influence the work of educators, discussing the general perception of the teaching profession, as well as more specific issues such as reform, research, and political agendas. In a scholarly format, he reports on the double standards, demands, and high expectations that teachers are forced to overcome in order to be successful. This is must reading for anyone concerned about the status of teachers and teaching today.

Perspectives on the Mistreatment of American Educators | swift | 4.5