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Planting the Seeds of Algebra, 3-5 Pdf Book


Give your students a foundation of algebra for math success – now and in the future!

Students and teachers must become friendly with algebraic foundations, as they have increasingly become the gateway to careers in the STEM...

Motivation to Learn Pdf Book


Harness the power of motivation to transform the learning experience!

When properly channeled, motivation propels learning forward. Yet teachers across all grade levels and disciplines struggle to recognize and cultivate this dynamic, social force in the classroom. This...

The Cosmic Calculator Pdf Book


The remarkable system of Vedic mathematics was created after careful study of ancient Sanskrit texts early last century. The Vedic system with its direct, easy and flexible approach forms a complete system of mental mathematics (though the methods can...

Universal City Studios, Inc., Paramount Pictures Corporation, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., Tristar Pictures, Inc., Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc., Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P., Disney Enterprises Inc., Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Plaintiffs-appellees, Against Eric Corley, Also Known as Emmanuel Goldstein, and 2600 Enterprises Inc., Defendants-appellants, and Shawn C. Reimerdes and Roman Kazan, Defendants Pdf Book


Case brought by entertainment industry companies seeks injunctive relief and money damages and related relief against defendants, individuals responsible for proliferating a software device that unlawfully defeats the DVD copy protection and access control system, or the Contents Scramble...

Reflective Primary Mathematics Pdf Book


‘This original book shows the crucial importance of personal philosophies of mathematics. Using current research it guides us to reflect on our attitudes and beliefs. Essential reading for anybody interested in mathematics and its teaching.’

Paul Ernest, Emeritus Professor...

Vertically and Crosswise Pdf Book


Vertically and Crosswise is an advanced book of sixteen chapters on one Vedic Mathematics sutra. Primarily it deals with the solution of equations, ranging from elementary examples of the sutra to no linear partical differential equations. Other topics include...

How the Brain Learns Mathematics Pdf Book


To reach all your math students, use your brain—and theirs, too!

This updated bestseller takes readers to the next level with new brain-friendly strategies backed by the latest research and even more ways to seamlessly incorporate what you learn...

Key Ideas in Teaching Mathematics Pdf Book

Big ideas in the mathematics curriculum for older school students, especially those that are hard to learn and hard to teach, are covered in this book. It will be a first port of call for research about teaching big...

Think It, Show It Mathematics: Strategies for Explaining Thinking Pdf Book


This timely book for grades 3-8 provides step-by-step strategies for developing students' clear, concise writing and discussion skills about math problems. Strategy instruction is supported by the included student activities, rubrics, and exemplar writing samples. The Digital Resource...

On the Mathematics of Modelling, Metamodelling, Ontologies and Modelling Languages Pdf Book


Computing as a discipline is maturing rapidly. However, with maturity often comes a plethora of subdisciplines, which, as time progresses, can become isolationist. The subdisciplines of modelling, metamodelling, ontologies and modelling languages within software engineering e.g. have, to some...

Teaching Mathematics Creatively Pdf Book


Are you looking for new ideas to capture the reluctant maths pupils in your class?

How can story, drama and GIANTS help you teach maths?

Teaching Mathematics Creatively is crammed full of practical approaches for bringing the teaching...

Assessing Mathematical Proficiency Pdf Book


Testing matters! It can determine kids' and schools' futures. In a conference at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, mathematicians, maths education researchers, teachers, test developers, and policymakers gathered to work through critical issues related to mathematics assessment. They examined:...

Collaborating to Meet Language Challenges in Indigenous Mathematics Classrooms Pdf Book


Language can be simultaneously both a support and a hindrance to students’ learning of mathematics. When students have sufficient fluency in the mathematics register so that they can discuss their ideas, they become chiefs who are able to think...

Math Made a Bit Easier Pdf Book


An independent book written and self-published by former math teacher and private math tutor Larry Zafran. Students are justified in proclaiming that "math is hard," but there is a specific reason why they feel this way. The author maintains...

Massaging the Mindset Pdf Book


Massaging the Mindset: An Intelligent Approach to Systemic Change in Education is a must read. Massaging the mindsets of staff is a great way to lay a foundation for change in school systems. If educational leaders desire swift collective...