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Words from the Wise/Parenting with Proverbs Pdf Book


Parenting is the hardest job in the world; the work and the pressure can be overwhelming. But in "Words from the Wise" author Deana Cerniglia presents straightforward and foolproof information for making the job easier by providing methods, ideas,...

A Parent’s Guide to San Diego and Baja California Pdf Book


This handbook for exploring San Diego and Mexico's adjacent border cities gives parents complete information on places and activities the whole family can enjoy together. Provided are tips and insight that will make visiting San Diego's world-famous sites, such...

Building Your Baby’s Brain Pdf Book


For those who are expecting their first child or the parents of an infant, toddler or preschooler, who want to learn more about what brain research means for their child. Scientists know that the early years of life are...

Reality Check Pdf Book


Do you find yourself doing things you swore you would never do as a parent? Welcome to my world. As parents it is our responsibility to make sure we provide safety, love, structure and learning to our children's lives....

The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Caring for Your Aging Parent Pdf Book


For adult children or others who may have to step in and care for their parents in their twilight years, this guide offers help in dealing with doctors, managing legal and financial affairs, meeting their parents' emotional needs with...

A Parent’s Guide to Great Explorations in Math and S Pdf Book


A Parent’s Guide to Child Safety: A Comprehensive Handbook from Crib to Preschool Pdf Book


The Ten Things Every Parent Needs to Know Pdf Book


In ten warm, straightforward chapters, Paleg describes in detail the skills parents most need to learn, including advice on how to nurture a child emotionally as well as physically, how to listen to a child and foster self-esteem, how...

To Have…to Hold Pdf Book


Teaching Trips Pdf Book


This series helps parents become aware of the everyday opportunities for teaching their children. The tools for learning are all around the house and everywhere you go. Easy-to-follow directions for using ordinary materials combine family fun with learning. Teaches...

The Parent’s Guide to Family-Friendly Work Pdf Book


The Parent's Guide to Family-Friendly Work will assist you in finding a job that allows a balance between work and family. It will help you overcome the barriers you might face in your job search, understand flexible work options...

Successful Parenting Pdf Book


About The BookSuccessful Parenting is an interesting and easy to read book showing parents how to deal effectively with the teenage years. It doe not seek to produce perfect parents or perfect children but instead provides simple yet effective...

Parenting a Child with Arthritis Pdf Book


Parenting Assessments in Child Welfare Cases Pdf Book


Recommendations of child protection workers to remove children from a home environment they perceive to be unsafe have frequently been challenged, legally and otherwise, and have raised scepticism about the criteria used in advising such a drastic measure. Parenting...

A Parent’s Guide to MySpace Pdf Book


Parents today are faced with many challenges. The information age has allowed today's children access to unlimited amounts of information. The internet has also created new cultures and parents must face the challenges associated with these new cultures. Social...