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Positive Psychiatry Pdf Book


Long overdue, Positive Psychiatry provides a rigorous and clinically useful guide to the growing body of research that strongly suggests that positive psychosocial factors such as resilience, optimism, and social engagement are associated with better outcomes, including lower morbidity,...

Concise Guide to Assessment and Management of Violent Patients Pdf Book


Clinicians encounter violent patients in any treatment setting -- from private offices and medical units to psychiatric inpatient units. Written by one of the foremost experts on violence, the second edition of this concise, practical guide provides psychiatry residents,...

Mental Illness and Psychiatric Treatment Pdf Book


Take your rightful place on the holistic health care team, with the goal of restoring vitality of body, mind, and spirit to people suffering from emotional illness!

This book is designed to bring essential knowledge and skills to...

Psychiatric Consultation in Long-Term Care Pdf Book


Studies show that residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities are at a substantial risk of having psychiatric disorders. This practical volume provides much-needed clinical guidance for the prevention and appropriate treatment of mental illness in long-term care...

Handbook of Recovery in Inpatient Psychiatry Pdf Book


This handbook provides a guide for individualized, responsive, and meaningful care to patients with severe mental illness. It begins with an overview of the foundational aspects of recovery – definitions and assessment, recovery principles, recovery research, and applications of...

Essentials of geriatric psychiatry Pdf Book


Psychotic Disorders Pdf Book


This new addition to the Practical Guides in Psychiatry series is a clinically oriented pocket guide to diagnosis and treatment of schizophrenia and other psychoses. Using the conversational style and case vignettes found in all Practical Guides in Psychiatry...

Psychiatric Presentations in General Practice Pdf Book


Medical schools currently use specialist perspectives on psychiatric disorders to train physicians, nurses and health professionals. The focus of such an approach is on transmission of knowledge rather than skills. This results in a lack confidence among non-psychiatric health...

Mending Minds Pdf Book


Today's psychiatry is having a profound impact on patients and their families. By recognizing and attacking the biological and neurological causes of certain mental illnesses, modern psychiatric care enables many of those afflicted to lead richer lives.

Concise Guide to Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Fifth Edition Pdf Book

Much like the patients on which it focuses, the field of pediatric mental health continues to grow and develop. Among other advances, the body of clinical research and the number of empirically supported treatments have grown, evaluation practices have...

Drug Metabolism in Psychiatry Pdf Book


Drug Metabolism in Psychiatry: A Clinical Guide bridges the gap between the complexities of drug pharmacokinetics and everyday clinical practice. In straightforward language, Dr. Carlat teaches the basics of drug metabolism, providing clinicians more insight into how psychiatric drugs...

Drug Treatment in Psychiatry Pdf Book


Drug treatment is one of the major issues in community mental health care, yet it is often monitored and evaluated by many professionals who have limited knowledge of psychopharmacology. Decisions about treatment often have to be made at short...

A Guide to Psychiatric Services in Schools Pdf Book


In order to provide comprehensive care to students with a wide variety of social and emotional challenges, close collaboration between psychiatrists and school-based mental health professionals is vital. This book provides practical information about psychiatric diagnoses and medications, as...

Adverse Syndromes and Psychiatric Drugs Pdf Book


Pharmacotherapy is an important part of the treatment of most major psychiatric disorders. Although psychiatric drugs can have immense benefits for patients, adverse syndromes are common, causing significant distress for patients. Some side-effects are potentially life threatening if not...

Psychiatry in Prisons Pdf Book


Psychiatry in Prisons provides a comprehensive overview of the history, problems and development of psychiatric health care in prisons, focusing particularly on the UK. The contributors tackle a broad range of issues, from familiar mental health issues such as...