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A Teaching Assistant’s Guide to Child Development and Psychology in the Classroom Pdf Book


How can you help students most effectively in the classroom? As a Teaching Assistant, you play a vital role in today’s schools. This fully updated new edition will help you get to grips with the main issues to do...

Introduction to Psychology Pdf Book


Introduction to Psychology, one of the preeminent introductory textbooks of this generation, blends classic material with the most recent developments in theory, presenting in this Fourth Edition new findings that are both representative of contemporary psychology and appropriate to...

Qualitative Methods in Psychology Pdf Book


An introduction to qualitative methods, combining a solid grounding in theory with a guide to conducting investigations and critical assessment.

The Psychology of Money Pdf Book


Discover the Ideal Investment Strategy for Yourself and YourClients

"To enhance investment results and boost creativity, Jim Warereplaces the maxim know your investments with know yourself. And hegives us specific testing tools to do the job."
Dean LeBaron, Founder, Batterymarch...

Focus on Psychology: A Guide to Mastering Peter Gray’s Psychology Pdf Book


The comprehensive study guide helps drive home concepts through active, participatory learning. The study guide is designed to be used in tandem with the reading of each textbook chapter, and its contents are linked to Psychology, Fifth Edition’s marginal...

The Psychology Research Handbook Pdf Book


The book that established itself as a standard text and reference work for students seeking to master research methods and procedures in psychology has been updated and revised in this new edition! The Second Edition of The Psychology Research...

AQA(A) A2 Psychology Student Unit Guide New Edition: Unit 4 Sections B and C: Psychology in Action and Research Methods Pdf Book


Written by a senior examiner, Jean-Marc Lawton, this AQA(A) A2 Psychology Student Unit Guide is the essential study companion for Unit 4: Psychology in Action and Research Methods.This full-colour book includes all you need to know to prepare for...

Holland’s Guide to Psychoanalytic Psychology and Literature-and-Psychology Pdf Book


As psychoanalysis becomes more and more important to literary studies and the accompanying literature bulks larger and larger, students often feel overwhelmed, not knowing where to turn for readings that will open up the subject. Holland's Guide to Psychoanalytic...

Edexcel AS Psychology Student Unit Guide New Edition: Unit 1 Social and Cognitive Psychology Pdf Book


Written by a senior examiner, Christine Brain, this Edexcel AS Psychology Student Unit Guide is the essential study companion for Unit 1: Social and Cognitive Psychology.This full-colour book includes all you need to know to prepare for your unit...

Guide to Publishing in Psychology Journals Pdf Book


The Guide to Publishing in Psychology Journals is a complete guide to writing psychology articles for publication. It goes beyond the formal requirements to the tacit or unspoken knowledge that is key to writing effective articles and to gaining...

The Rough Guide to Psychology Pdf Book


The Rough Guide to Psychology looks at the question psychologists have been asking for hundreds of years - why are we the way we are? It starts with you, your mind and brain, broadening out to look at your...

Psychological Interventions Pdf Book


This book examines a variety of psychological intervention strategies used in counseling and therapy to bring about change. It is a handbook of strategies which reviews major forms of interventions, reviews research evidence of effectiveness, and challenges existing theoretical...

A Guide to Coursework in Psychology Pdf Book


Ever had difficulty choosing a research project?

Ever wondered how your work will be marked?

This book will help students to understand the coursework specifications and marking criteria for a number of key exam boards, including; AQA (specification A...

A Student’s Guide to Psychology Pdf Book


Psychology is frequently the most popular major on campus, but it can also be the most treacherous. In this guide, Daniel N. Robinson surveys the philosophical and historical roots of modern psychology and sketches the major schools and thinkers...

Handbook of Psychology and Diabetes Pdf Book


This Handbook fulfils a pressing need within the area of psychological measurement in diabetes research and practice by providing access to material which has either been widely dispersed through the psychological and medical literature or has not previously been...