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A Student’s Guide to Biotechnology: Words and terms Pdf Book


Presents a guide to understanding biotechnology, providing definitions of words and terms associated with the science, reviewing the history of the field, featuring profiles of important people in biotechnology, and discussing debates over stem cell research, genetics, DNA testing,...

Psychology Pdf Book


In this accessible student's guide, an experienced professor examines the study of psychology from a distinctly Christian perspective, introducing readers to key issues such as the origins of morality, nature vs. nurture, the relationship between the mind and the...

Sociophonetics Pdf Book


Sociophonetics: a student's guide provides a practical 'how-to' manual that gives students a clear understanding of the technical and theoretical advances in acoustic phonetics, speech perception, and recording technology which is essential for sociolinguistic research.

Balancing theory, practical information and...

A student’s guide to anatomy Pdf Book


Spanish Cinema Pdf Book


How did the Franco dictatorship and subsequent transition to democracy impact upon Spanish film-making? What is meant by nuevo cine espanol or espanolada? How do you say "close-up" or "tracking shot" in Spanish? What sort of critical methods and...

Academic Culture Pdf Book


it is wonderful to see a resource like (this).. the book would be useful for first-time English speaking as well as non-English speaking students; students returning to tertiary study; and also academics and teachers focusing on developing their students...

Writing Papers in Psychology Pdf Book


This Seventh Edition of "WRITING PAPERS IN PSYCHOLOGY" provides frameworks, tips, guidelines, and sample illustrations for college students who are writing research reports or literature reviews that are expected to conform to style recommendations in the Fifth Edition of...

A student’s guide to obstetrics and gynaecology Pdf Book


A Student’s Guide to Academic Writing, Pdf Book

Note: If you are purchasing an electronic version, MyCompLab does not come automatically packaged with it. To purchase MyCompLab , please visit or you can purchase a package of the physical text and MyCompLab by searching for...

Social Ethics Pdf Book


Social Ethics is an animated introduction to moral philosophy and the key ethical issues of today, and will serve as the ideal text for undergraduate courses in applied, practical and social ethics.

I-DEAS Master Series Pdf Book


The Student’s Guide to Archaeological Illustrating Pdf Book


A new, revised manual of archaeological illustrating, largely written by and for students, intended to aid the archaeologist with no formal training in art or drafting. Discussed under separate sections are basic tools and techniques, the rendering of maps,...

The Student’s Guide to Shakespeare Pdf Book


This book is a 'one-stop-shop' for the busy undergraduate studying Shakespeare. Offering detailed guidance to the plays most often taught on undergraduate courses, the volume targets the topics tutors choose for essay questions and is organised to help students...

Biblical and Theological Studies Pdf Book


There is an abundant need today for biblically grounded and practically applied theology.

In this book, a New Testament scholar and a theologian team up to offer readers a robust introduction to biblical and theological studies. This readable guide...

French Cinema Pdf Book


What are the Cahiers du cinema ? Which are the most popular French films ? How do you write an essay on a French film ? What is a high-angle shot in French ? When did more French spectators...