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Whole-School Guide to Special Educational Needs: A directory of learning difficulties, disabilities and activities Pdf Book


J.D. Lifeline: A Law School Guide for the New Legal Economy (Pre-Law Edition) Pdf Book


Harvard Business School Guide to Careers in Finance 2000 Pdf Book


This resource is for anyone considering a job-search in finance or investment banking. It details trends in finance, offers insights on career self-assessment and describes the industry's career opportunities and recruiting process. Profiles of leading banks and relevant companies...

Clear Admit School Guide: Columbia Business School Pdf Book


The definitive guide to the Columbia Business School MBA program. Presents details of the school's core curriculum, domestic and international exchange opportunities, on-campus recruiting process, popular professors and access to business leaders in NYC. Whether you are just starting...

The Sunday School Guide, and Parent’s Manual Pdf Book


The Los Angeles Private School Guide Pdf Book


Latest edition of this carefully researched review of over 70 of the top private pre-schools, elementary, middle and high schools in the Los Angles area. Includes a section on public charter schools: How to start one and how to...

The Harvard Medical School Guide to Yoga Pdf Book


An Easy, Accessible Yoga Program for Health & Wellness

Are you looking for a new health practice to enhance your day-to-day routines? Have you been interested in trying out yoga, but are too intimidated by the seemingly fancy and challenging...

The Harvard Medical School Guide to Men’s Health Pdf Book


The Harvard Medical School Guide to Men's Health assembles into a single volume a quarter-century's worth of hard-won knowledge about men's health -- knowledge that men need to lead longer, healthier lives.
More than twenty-five years ago, researchers...

Art for Children Pdf Book


A collection of fun and interesting projects covering three areas: painting, modeling, and jewelry making. Over 70 projects, each with clear and simple, step by step instructions and full sized templates that allows children to set their creativity free.

Concise Guide to Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Pdf Book


The Everything Parent’s Guide to Children with Special Needs Pdf Book


A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

A Guide to Children’s Reference Books and Multimedia Material Pdf Book


Over 250 entries assess alphabet books, encyclopedias, mini-libraries, CD-ROMs, and other reference materials marketed towards children aged from 18 months to 14 years old. The volume provides information on how useful texts are likely to be in covering key...

Adopting and Advocating for the Special Needs Child Pdf Book


Adopting and Advocating for the Special Needs Child bridges the gap between the desire to help a waiting child and the reality of America's special needs adoption system. It is designed to be used by adoption professionals and adoptive...

Children’s Magazine Guide Pdf Book


A Guide to References and Resources in Child Abuse and Neglect Pdf Book


This text provides information on diagnosis and treatment of child abuse and neglect. Summaries, annotated bibliographies, and AAP policy statements are included.