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Tokyo Ghoul: re, Vol. 1


Haise Sasaki has been tasked with teaching Qs Squad how to be outstanding Investigators, but his assignment is complicated by the troublesome personalities of his subordinates and his own uncertain grasp of his Ghoul powers. Can he pull this...

Angel Diary, Vol. 10


All Ryung ever wanted was to find somebody who would accept him as he is. As he watches that one and only friend, the demon Se-In, perish before his eyes, he flies into a rage…and he’s headed straight for...

DEATH NOTE BLACK ED TP VOL 05 contains 9 & 10 (C: 1-0-1)


Title: Death Note Black Edition Volume 5 Binding: Paperback Author: TsugumiOhba Publisher: VizMedia”

47-70: One Piece Box Set 3


Overlord, Vol. 2 (light novel): The Dark Warrior


The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Volume 1


Overlord, Vol. 3 (light novel): The Bloody Valkyrie


The Manga Fashion Bible: The Go-To Guide for Drawing Stylish Outfits and Charact…


Girl From the Other Side: Siuil, a Run Vol. 1, The


Akira Volume 1 (Akira (del Rey))


Welcome to Neo-Tokyo, built on the ashes of a Tokyo annihilated by a blast of unknown origin that triggered World War III. The lives of two streetwise teenage friends, Tetsuo and Kaneda, change forever when paranormal abilities begin to...