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Psychodynamic Perspectives on Working with Children, Families, and Schools Pdf Book


With the push toward accountability and test performance in schools there has been a decline in emphasis on creativity, imagination, and feelings in schools. Psychodynamic Perspectives on Working with Children, Families, and Schools is designed for students and professionals...

Techniques & Strategies: to Increase Parent Involvement Pdf Book


One of the main interests in this book focuses on how to persuade parents to get engaged in their childs education. Many authors have studied this evidence that shows this to be an excellent opportunity, for a parent to...

Supporting the Emotional Work of School Leaders Pdf Book


This practical book deals with the emotional and moral dimensions of school leadership. The author sets out the intra-personal and interpersonal attributes, attitudes and behaviours necessary to develop emotional and moral leadership within the school community. The book provides...

How Schools Change Pdf Book


The first edition of How Schools Change chronicled the efforts of three very different high schools to improve teaching and learning in the early 1990's. Now, in a new second edition, Wagner concisely summarizes the decade-long history of education...

Leading the Self-Managing School Pdf Book


This work is a sequel to The Self-Managing School and deals with leadership responsibilities on two levels - as head of a school responsible for loca management and as a director in a Local Education Authority responsible

School and Work in the Eastern Caribbean Pdf Book


As the global economy rapidly changes and new technologies are introduced, more highly skilled workers are required. In the countries of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), firms struggle to fill skill positions due to a lack of...

The Essential Guide for New Teaching Assistants Pdf Book


The Essential Guide for New Teaching Assistants provides an introduction for teaching assistants who have recently been inducted, or are going through the process of induction, and are working in schools with children or young people.

Giving teaching...

Groups in Schools Pdf Book


Finally, a textbook that teaches students how to effectively lead counseling and classroom groups in schools!

This practical, user-friendly book contains the most relevant information critical to working with students in both...

Social Work in the 21st Century Pdf Book


Using an accessible writing style, author Morley D. Glicken introduces readers to the noble and exciting profession of Social Work with the hope to motivate student interest in BSW and MSW Programs. This engaging text addresses a number of...

Counselling in Schools – A Reader Pdf Book


First Published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Transforming Learning in Schools and Communities Pdf Book


Many educators have been looking for a fundamentally different approach to engage young people and encourage progress in learning. Supported by recent public policy developments, a transformation is beginning to take place in the practice of many schools. The...

Teaching in Common Pdf Book


Despite frequent calls for increased collaboration among teachers, we know very little about what this means for real educators in real schools. Offering vivid portraits of four collaborations, DiPardo traces complex connections across school culture, pedagogic innovation, and teachers'...

Teacher Research for Better Schools Pdf Book


This book is about a group of experienced K-12 teachers who took teacher research to another level. Their story is not only about teacher working together to improve their own teaching, but also about how their research reverberated throughout...

Why School Anti-Bullying Programs Don’t Work Pdf Book

This book serves as a guide for readers interested in improving school climate. Using 15 years of consultation and research in a variety of United States and foreign schools, the authors strip down the elements needed to create a...

School-To-Work in the West Pdf Book


Contents: range of school-to-work initiatives; 8 quick Q & A about school-to-work in the West; views from the experts; & summaries of sample school-to-work laws. Appendices: list of key school-to-work contacts; range of school-to-work initiatives by state; California career...