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Math Appeal Pdf Book

V.1. Grapes of math. Author shares some of the techniques that have helped him creatively solve problems in the most unexpected ways. — v.2. Math for all seasons. Every riddle in this book poses a problem. Kids will learn valuable problem solving skills from winning combinations of clever games and vibrant illustrations — v.3. Best of times. Author takes on the times tables, showing that there’s more to multiplication than memorization. He shows techniques of multiplication that help children to learn quickly that smaller numbers are the key to multiplying larger numbers. Kids can test the techniques with challenging questions on each page. — v.4. Math-terpieces. Visually oriented problems inspired by artwork of 12 great masters give children ages 5-7 fascinating ways to practice adding. Kids will be stimulated to solve math problems in entirely new ways. — v.5. Math appeal. Author gives kids more practice in his creative approaches. Each clever rid poses a problem and offers helpful learning hints. The techniques build valuable problem solving skills helping kids to get ready for the challenges of higher math. — v.6. Math fables. Kids ages 3-6 can enjoy math through charming fables that encourage kids to think of numbes in more creative ways. — v.7. Math potatoes. Authors techniques build valuable problem solving skills and get kids ready for the challenges of higher math.

Math Appeal | swift | 4.5