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Making Sense of the Organization, Volume 2 Pdf Book

Making Sense of the Organization elaborates on theinfluential idea that organizations are interpretation systems thatscan, interpret, and learn.  These selected essays represent anew approach to the way managers learn and act in response to theirenvironment and the way organizational change evolves. Readers of this volume will find a wealth of examples and insightswhich go well beyond thinking and cognition to explainaction.  The author’s ideas are at the forefront of ourthinking on leadership, teams, and the management of change.

“This book engages the puzzle of impermanence inorganizing. Through rich examples, evocative language, artfulliterature citing, and imaginative connecting, Weick re-introducescore ideas and themes around attending, interpreting, acting andlearning to unlock new insights about impermanent organizing. The wisdom in this book is timeless and timely. It prods scholarsand managers of organizations to complicate their views oforganizing in ways that enrich thought and action.” – Jane E.Dutton, Robert L. Kahn Distinguished University Professor,University of Michigan

Making Sense of the Organization, Volume 2 | swift | 4.5