The Black Paradox

Author : Guru Eric Winfree
language : en
Release Date : 2007-08-01

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a political and sociological analysis of the black community from the view of two black Conservatives

Black Paradox

Author : Junji Ito
language : fr
Release Date : 2012-10-24

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Quatre candidats au suicide qui se sont connus sur le site "Suicide Black Paradox"... Marseau, l'infirmière s'inquiète de l'avenir, Tableau, que l'apparition de son doppelfänger fait souffrir, Pitan, l'expert en technologie a pour double un robot, et Baratchi qui présente une moitié de visage effrayante... Tous sont en quête d'une mort parfaite et tous ouvriront une porte qui est... Que verront-ils ? Découvrez leur macabre aventure, ainsi que deux histoires inédites !!

Black Cultural Traffic

Author : Harry Justin Elam
language : en
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
Release Date : 2005

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Black Cultural Traffic traces how blackness travels globally in performance, engaging the work of an international and interdisciplinary mix of scholars, critics, and practicing artists.

Texans And War

Author : Alexander Mendoza
language : en
Publisher: Texas A&M University Press
Release Date : 2012-02-29

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Beginning with tribal wars among Native Americans before Europeans settled Texas and continuing through the Civil War, the soil of what would become the Lone Star State has frequently been stained by the blood of those contesting for control of its resources. In subsequent years and continuing to the present, its citizens have often taken up arms beyond its borders in pursuit of political values and national defense. Although historians have studied the role of the state and its people in war for well over a century, a wealth of topics remain that deserve greater attention: Tejanos in World War II, the common Texas soldier’s interaction with foreign enemies, the perception of Texas warriors throughout the world, the role of religion among Texans who fight or contemplate fighting, controversial paramilitary groups in Texas, the role and effects of Texans’ ethnicity, culture, and gender during wartime, to name a few. In Texans at War, fourteen scholars provide new studies, perspectives, and historiographies to extend the understanding of this important field. One of the largest collections of original scholarship on this topic to date, Texans and War will stimulate useful conversation and research among historians, students, and interested general readers. In addition, the breadth and originality of its contributions provide a solid overview of emerging perspectives on the military history and historiography of Texas and the region. Partial listing of CONTENTS Introduction Alexander Mendoza and Charles David Grear PART I. Texans Fighting through Time: Thematic Topics 1. The Indian Wars of Texas: A Lipan Apache Perspective p. 17 Thomas A Britten 2. Tejanos at War: A History of Mexican Texans in American Wars Alexander Mendoza 3. Texas Women at War p. 69 Melanie A Kirkland 4. The Influence of War and Military Service on African Texans p. 97 Alwyn Barr 5. The Patriot-Warrior Mystique: John S. Brooks, Walter P. Lane, Samuel H. Walker, and the Adventurous Quest for Renown p. 113 Jimmy L. Bryan Jr. 6. "All Eyes of Texas Are on Comal County": German Texans' Loyalty during the Civil War and World War I p. 133 Charles David Grear PART II. Wars in Texas History: Chronological Conflicts 7. Between Imperial Warfare: Crossing of the Smuggling Frontierand Transatlantic Commerce on the Louisiana-Texas Borderlands, 1754–1785 p. 157 Francis X. Galan8. The Mexican-American War: Reflections on an Overlooked Conflict p. 178 Kendall Milton9. The Prolonged War: Texans Struggle to Win the Civil Warduring Reconstruction p.196 Kenneth W. Howell 10. The Texas lmmunes in the Spanish-American War p. 213 James M. McCaffrey 11. Surveillance on the Border: American Intelligence andthe Tejano Community during World War I p. 227 Jose A. Ramirez 12. Texan Prisoners of the Japanese: A Study in Survival p. 248 Kelly E. Crager 13. Lyndon B. Johnson's Bitch of a War: An Antiwar Essay p. 269 James M. Smallwood 14. Black Paradox in the Age of Terrorism: Military Patriotismor Higher Education p. 283 Ronald E. GoodwinIndex p. 301

Readings In Public Choice And Constitutional Political Economy

Author : Charles Rowley
language : en
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2008-08-09

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Public choice is the study of behavior at the intersection of economics and political science. Since the pioneering work of Duncan Black in the 1940s, public choice has developed a rich literature, drawing from such related perspectives as history, philosophy, law, and sociology, to analyze political decision making (by citizen-voters, elected officials, bureaucratic administrators, lobbyists, and other "rational" actors) in social and economic context, with an emphasis on identifying differences between individual goals and collective outcomes. Constitutional political economy provides important insights into the relationship between effective constitutions and the behavior of ordinary political markets. In Readings in Public Choice and Constitutional Political Economy, Charles Rowley and Friedrich Schneider have assembled an international array of leading authors to present a comprehensive and accessible overview of the field and its applications. Covering a wide array of topics, including regulation and antitrust, taxation, trade liberalization, political corruption, interest group behavior, dictatorship, and environmental issues, and featuring biographies of the founding fathers of the field, this volume will be essential reading for scholars and students, policymakers, economists, sociologists, and non-specialist readers interested in the dynamics of political economy.

Eco Chic

Author : Sandy Black
language : en
Publisher: Black Dog Pub Limited
Release Date : 2008

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Eco-Chic: The Fashion Paradox is an examination of the relationship between fashion and environmental awareness - combating the universal reputation of eco-fashion as wholesome, un-dyed, shapeless and itchy. A new wave of sustainable shopping, affordable clothing, and ecological thinking has allowed eco-designers to create high-end, design-led collections rather than merely environmentally sympathetic garments. Eco-Chic: The Fashion Paradox aims to address the preconceived idea of eco-fashion as a compromise in style and quality and places eco-fashion where it belongs at the forefront of design. Eco-fashion is changing its image from dowdy and well meaning to genuinely desirable and Eco-Chic: The Fashion Paradox is an analysis of fashion and ethical practice as the naked truth behind the clothes we wear is exposed.

Discovering Texas History

Author : Bruce A. Glasrud
language : en
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press
Release Date : 2014-09-09

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"'Discovering Texas History' is a historiographical reference book that will be invaluable to teachers, students, and researchers of Texas history. Chapter authors are familiar names in Texas history circles--a 'who's who' of high profile historians. Conceived as a follow-up to the award winning (but increasingly dated) 'A Guide the History of Texas' (1988), 'Discovering Texas History' focuses on the major trends in the study of Texas history since 1990. In part one, topical essays address significant historical themes, from race and gender to the arts and urban history. In part two, chronological essays cover the full span of Texas historiography from the Spanish era to the modern day. In each case, the goal is to analyze and summarize the subjects that have captured the attention of professional historians so that 'Discovering Texas History' will take its place as the standard work on the history of Texas history"--