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Effective Solutions to Diversity Training Pdf Book

Over forty years experience in the construction industry provided a basis for studying diversity issues. Experience teaches that people are different. In jerrys many years of supervising and training employees, he was confronted with every stage imaginable pertaining to diversity issues. Whether blue collar or white, people skills remain an important discipline. Parity is not always prudent, or achievable. However, equal opportunity provides employees with a chance to fail or succeed in the workplace. Jerry holds an associate degree in Computer-aided Drafting and Design from ITT Technical Institute, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management from the University of Phoenix, and a Master of Arts in Adult Education and Training from the University of Phoenix. Jerry has authored this book in hopes that students benefi t from his education and experience and provide solutions to diversity issues in the workplace. Jerry is the owner, founder, and CEO of Effective Solutions Consultants; and provides diversity training for people entering the workplace. Today, business is conducted in the global market, and crosses cultural boundaries. Technological advancement provides enhancement to present day communication concerns, and has a far reaching effect on diversity training, The book can portray to any one of us we have all been introduced to these situations at some point in time; in any workplace. Its clear as night and day, Cause and effect, it explains in depth how to manage a company and have positive effects between a company and its employees. I would suggest that every business and its employees should read this book, it could very save a company or help in some way not to mention youll be glad you did! KRISTEN CARTER. If I was starting a business and wanted information about employee rights and relations this is the book u need. It covers everything you need to know and would be a great refresher for people who are already in business. O.O. McCOLLUM THE THIRD.

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